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Software Development

Senior QA Engineer

Specializing in SaaS, AWS, and automated testing

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Software Development

Security Architect

Expertise in SaaS, Server-less, and Kubernetes across AWS, Azure and GCP

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Software Development

Principal Engineer

Expertise in AWS, Cloud Security, and Python

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Our Mission

Traditional cloud and data security tools operate in silos. While the Cloud security tools are data blind, the data security ones can only offer the last line of defense. Securing data in the modern cloud require a unified approach.

Cloud Defense offers a revolutionary approach to discovering and protecting sensitive data in public cloud from modern ransomware and exfiltration attacks. It is the only solution that can secure not just the datastores but also the surrounding cloud environment that opens up a path to sensitive data. With proactive risk management and real-time incident response, organizations can enable cloud-driven innovation without the massive data risks that would otherwise threaten business downtime


Cloud Defense was founded by security industry leaders from Cisco, McAfee, Palo Alto Networks, F5 networks and Trend Micro to bridge the gaps between cloud and data security.
Huseni Saboowala
Co-founder and CEO
Malav Patel
Chief Product Officer
Sridhar Ramaswamy
Co-founder & Chief Architect
Ajit Sarnaik
Senior Platform Architect

Investors and Advisors

Backed by leading Silicon Valley VC firms and top cybersecurity industry leaders, Cloud Defense leapfrogs existing cloud security solutions with a revolutionary approach to data protection.
Shawn M Bowen
ex-CISO, US Marines
Rohi Ghai
RSA Security
Shailesh Rao
President, GTM,
Palo Alto Networks
Ron Herardian
Sr Director, Cybersecurity,
Cap Gemini
Patricia Hatter
ex-Chief Customer Officer,
Palo Alto Networks
Anupam Sahai
CTO, Cloud,
Pradeep Aswani
Angel Investor
Leah McLean
VP, Cybersecurity,
Gururaj Pandurangi
ex-VP, Cloud Security,
Kaushik Narayan
ex-CTO, Cloud,

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