Data security for the Gen AI era

Secure your data with continuous discovery, data-centric prioritization and policy-based compliance


Continuously scan for sensitive data in AI and cloud environments


Identify the linkages between data, AI and the cloud


Stop data attacks such as leakage and poisoning

Why Cloud Defense?

Secure your data with confidence

Deep visibility into data in cloud datastores and LLMs

Continuously discover sensitive and regulated data across the entire cloud estate and inside the LLMs. With the privacy-first data x-ray, uncover PII, PCI, and PHI (e.g. Social Security and credit card numbers, health records) inside structured or unstructured data. In addition, detect and dynamically map sensitive data flows out of datastores and LLMs to understand who is accessing the data and where the data is going

Accelerate data compliance

Policy-based guardrails

Powered by a novel live risk graph and machine learning technologies, Cloud Defense enables policies on datastores as well as data flows to alert on regulatory violations regarding data residency or unsafe data movement. Custom policies allow controls such as insufficient logging, downloading of production datastores or sensitive data ingestion in to LLMs. Policies travel with the data to ensure the sensitive data stays in compliance at all times.

Protection for all types of cloud data

Data-centric prioritization

Generate a prioritized list of security findings that create risks to the sensitive data. The findings include those related to the datastore itself (e.g. lack of encryption, data residency violation, public internet exposure), those from fine-tuned LLMs (e.g. publicly exposed endpoint) as well as those in the cloud environment. Mitigate data risks, including data leakage and data poisoning, with rich contextual information and intuitive remediation


Take control of your cloud data

For CISO/Security Architects

Single pane of glass view of sensitive data in AI and cloud
Continuous improvement of data risk exposure
Friction-less collaboration with other teams for remediation
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For Data Governance

Identify compliance gaps in data privacy and new AI regulations
Custom policies to govern your sensitive data
Privacy-first architecture to ensure data never leaves the customer cloud
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For DevOps

Focus limited staff on prioritized data-centric issues
Increase transparency with clear justification to fix issues
Intuitive, easy-to-understand guided remediation
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For MLOps

Automatically discover LLMs with sensitive data and their training lineage
Enforce policy guardrails to block fine tuning of LLMs with restricted data
Prevent data leakage and poisoning attacks
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Use Cases

Unleash your Cloud Data

Data asset discovery

Organizations cannot protect what they cannot see. Continuously discover and manage sensitive data in cloud data stores and LLMs, including the shadow, self-managed and provider-managed ones

Gen AI visibility and governance

Discover managed, cloned and shadow LLMs in your cloud environment along with their data lineage. Enforce pre-defined security policies on LLMs to ensure sensitive data does not get ingested in to the LLMs in the first place

Cloud data protection

Generate a prioritized list of security findings that create risks to datastores and LLMs. Detect and prioritize in-progress data leakage and LLM data poisoning that can lead to a breach of sensitive data

Streamline compliance

Data is at the core of compliance mandates around the world. Custom governance policies improves readiness for compliance audits. Privacy-first architecture ensures data stays inside the customer cloud

Trusted by security industry leaders

"Cloud Defense takes data security to the next level with a singular focus on attacks that have the ability to reach your sensitive data"

Rohit Ghai

CEO, RSA Security

“Cloud security is proliferated with a plethora of tools that seem interesting individually but inundate security teams with tons of alerts that end up creating a lot of work with minimal impact. Cloud Defense delivers a solution that focuses on prioritizing these alerts with the context of protecting the organization’s sensitive data.”

Kaushik Narayan

ex-CTO, Cloud, Cisco and McAfee

“Cloud Defense enables Enterprises to adopt Gen AI without worrying about their sensitive data getting leaked out to unauthorized users”

Melham (Mel) Shakir

ex-SVP, Securonix

"Cloud Defense’s approach provides a clear view of the data attack paths to know where the attestation of your data safeguards need to be, with actionable guided remediation. This purview is essential, especially in highly regulated businesses.”

Leah McLean

VP, Cybersecurity, Mastercard

Accelerate your cloud data compliance

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